Why us?

We understand that the back garden market is a diverse market, to fulfill this need we offer the largest variety of breeds, bird colour and egg colour on a wholesale scale that’s specifically geared to the retail sector.

Combined with our knowledge we work with you to grow your business and complement our range of birds with P.O.S aids, marketing material and ideas.

Our chickens are comprehensively vaccinated, guaranteed and we DO NOT beak trim. 

20 Hybrids – 60 Bantams – 20 Large Fowl 
1 Supplier!

What will you get?

  • Quality pullets from a trustworthy and reputable breeder

  • A listing on our site which will help increase your footfall
  • Award winning blood lines

  • No minimum order – but larger the order bigger the discount*

  • Trade Exclusivity within your local area – we would no longer supply direct to customers in your area.

  • Hybrids are reared to RSPCA Freedom Food standard. 

  • We also do brilliant start up packages for those who want to take their hobby a step further

  • Use of our images on this website – providing you are taking monthly deliveries

How to get involved?

To apply please send an email to wholesale@thepurebreedpoultry.co.uk.

The email must contain Business name and address and a approximate number of hens required each month.

Alternatively feel free to call Matt for a no obligation chat on 01752 426499

Please be aware we will “check” our stockists to ensure we are happy for our birds to go there and that we can recommend them. 

*T’s and C’s apply – Those who take our hybrids will get first pick of pure breeds and bantams.

Mottled Pekin
Lavender Araucana

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