Welcome to The Pure Breed Poultry Company

We are a leading supplier of Hybrids, Pure and Rare breed chickens for the back garden market.

We have been rearing on a commercial scale both Hybrids and Pure Breed poultry for 15 years, from this experience we breed and rear superior pullets with an excellent reputation. We are able to deliver 1 chicken to 1000 chickens on our own fleet of vehicles .

All our pullets are Comprehensively Vaccinated and Wormed prior to delivery.

We are now taking orders for 2021 with over 100 varieties of chickens to choose from you and your customers will have plenty of choice!

We are also able to supply you with quail (3 varieties). 

We take great pride in the chickens we produce, the video below shows Matt in one of our rearing houses.

Thank you for your interest but due to the high demand this year, We have suspended all private sales for the time being. Please use the stockist map to find a supplier near you.

If you are a trade customer we are taking orders for this year.