We are a leading supplier and producer of Hybrids, Large Fowl and Bantams for the perfect back garden pets.

We have an extensive range of breeds and varieties which are all comprehensively vaccinated something that the majority of other producers that breed pure breed and bantams do not do.

Which range of chickens is for you? Due to the way we rear our birds they are all hardy and friendly!

Hybrids – Plenty of large eggs (average 300 in first year), medium to large sized hen, 15 breeds to choose from.

Large Fowl – A good number of medium eggs (average 200 in first year), large sized hen, 10 breeds to choose from.

Pure Bantams – A good number of small eggs (average 190 in first year), small sized hen, 52 breeds to choose from.

Hybrid Bantams – A good number of small/ medium eggs (average 230 in first year), small/ medium sized hen, 8 breeds to choose from.

As for egg colour there is a breed that will lay one of the following egg colours in each of our ranges.
Light Brown, Brown, Dark Brown, Cream, White, Blue, Green and some colours in between!

Our network of knowledgeable stockists is gradually growing across England and Wales however should you not have an approved supplier near you then we can deliver direct to your door. Just contact us and we will help you build your perfect heathly, happy designer flock. Bird prices start from £16.

Should you be completely new to keeping chickens we can supply you with a complete start up package from £199.

This includes 3 -4 Bird House, Feeder, Drinker, Food, Straw, Shavings, Grit and of course 2 Point of lay standard hybrids.

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Please note, this website is a catalogue of what we offer, to see our current stock availability or to purchase chickens visit www.chickenstoyourdoor.co.uk