On top of all the Pure and Rare breeds we do, we also do commercial hybrids including…

Amber Rock
Rhode Rock
Columbian Blacktail
Lohmann Brown
Light Sussex
Silver Sussex
Blue Maran
Splash Blue Maran
Speckledy Maran
Speckledy Gold
White Leghorn

These all retail for £16.

Special Hybrids

Tri-Coloured and Partridge Leghorns 

Devon Blue – Blue Egg Laying hybrids available in various colours.

Devon Bronze -These are a feather legged dark egg layer, they should lay in the region of 240 dark eggs a year.

These retail for £25.


Trade or Hobby Keeper?

Whether you are looking for 1, 100 or 1000 birds we can supply you!

We deliver across the UK, please see our "Delivered to your door or Stockist Locator" pages.